By working with athletes from a wide variety of sports, our experience and modern technology, we will create a customized mouthguard for you.



-prevents damage to teeth
-reduces tension in the craniofacial muscles
-protects the jawbone and temporomandibular joint
-significantly reduces the risk of concussion
-protects opposing teeth from abrasion and uncontrolled contact
-specialized material absorbs and dissipates impact forces, additionally prevents injuries and bruises


-does not cause vomiting reflexes
-precise fit prevents the protector from falling out
-individually shaped to fit the dentition
-enables free breathing, conversation and consumption of beverages

Materials used in the production of all our products (such as mouthguard, relaxation pad or teeth whitening caps) come from the best manufacturers in the world, and the very boxing jaw is made of a special hypoallergenic material.


For the customer who has chosen his own graphic we present on request a preliminary graphic. When placing an order for a mouthguard, please describe the mouthguard in detail and send the finished graphics. The mouthguards are available in a wide range of colors.


What is the order process like?

1. First, we ship the impression set to you.

2. After receiving the kit, take an impression of the teeth according to the instructions and send it back to the address of the laboratory.

3. within 7-14 days of receiving the impression, we will make your protector.

For international orders, the package will be prepared for shipment. You just need to go to the post office.

When you purchase a protector with your own imprint, please describe the design or attach the prepared graphic files in an email message specifying the order number. Upon request, we can provide a preliminary graphic design up to 3 revisions.

Taking an impression of the teeth for a mouthguard

Taking an impression is the foundation for making a mouthguard. With this, we will be able to create a model of your teeth in the laboratory and begin work.

Taking an impression is very easy and everyone can handle it without any problems. The impression mass, similar to plasticine has to be put into a mold and then applied to the teeth. The whole process takes less than 5min.

After placing your order, we will send you a kit with instructions for taking an impression of your teeth by yourself.

Below you can watch an instructional video on how to take an impression of your upper teeth.


The impression compound can lie for up to several months. The condition is to store it in an airtight seal, at room temperature.

Yes it can be worn but an impression of the teeth must be obtained from a dentist.

No, in this case you need to remove the camera first.

Maybe, however, in this case you should consult a dentist and it is he who should take an impression of the child's teeth.

Clean the protector under warm water using a new brush and soap.

Not if the model is up to date. If you have undergone treatment, restorations, or any changes, a new impression should be made.

Our pads are made of flexible Dreve or Erkodent thermoformable material.

Depending on the frequency of use, a properly cleaned and stored protector will last 1-3 years.

The waiting time is 3-14 days after receiving the impression. Lead time is variable and depends on the current order quantity.