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Is it worth it to whiten teeth with the overlay method?

Attractive appearance is important for every person. First of all, a nice and white smile inspires confidence and respect. It shows that you take care of yourself. However, sometimes you may have a problem with yellow teeth. However, nothing prevents you from enjoying a snow-white smile. The overlay method is becoming increasingly popular. What are the most common causes of yellow teeth? Most [...]

Whitening overlays-an excellent alternative to whitening pastes.

If you dream of white, healthy and beautiful teeth, pay attention to whitening trays. With a snow-white smile you will make a great impression on everyone. You will inspire confidence and sympathy. You will become more confident. What is overlay teeth whitening? Whitening trays are becoming increasingly popular. They are a great alternative to whitening pastes and gels. If you have "thin" enamel [...]