At Dent-Guard, whitening trays, night guards, retention trays and mouthguards are made from the highest quality materials, using modern methods and professional expertise in the field of dental prosthetics.

We create products based on the impression of the customer's teeth, which ensures the highest possible comfort, safety and protection.

Our whitening trays are a guarantee of even teeth whitening, natural effect and very high comfort of use. Thanks to the highest quality material, one purchase is an investment for years-. whitening trays Dent-Guard can be used for repeated whitening.

Teeth protectors are the best choice both
for professional athletes and
amateur trainers. Adapting to the individual shape of the teeth prevents the protector from falling out, and allows you to drink fluids, breathe and talk freely. We create our mouthguards from specialized, dental material, which, combined with the skillful contouring of the mouthguard, allows to reduce the tension
of the jaw and facial muscles protects teeth and bones, prevents
the occurrence of bruises and injuries.


Relaxation overlays are the best way to prevent the negative effects of bruxism. They ideally stay on the teeth without posing a risk of choking even when used at night. Properly selected relaxation caps- soft, soft-hard or hard will protect teeth from abrasion and significantly reduce bruxism-related discomforts such as headaches, facial muscle pain, sleep disorders or neck and back pain.

We make our products daily for dentists, professional athletes and individual customers.

Orders can be placed in our online store.

The entire order is fulfilled without leaving your home

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